Live event starting at 6.30 PM at our terrace with craft beer and slow food service, in case of bad weather inside our air conditioned tavern.

And after Bellagio in Blues closing venue in church square we’ll be open both at our tavern and terrace.

Self-taught, he’s learned to play by listening to many records, from classic rock to punk, from blues to psychedelic music, and he’s always trying to create something that blows and flows from ears to brain.

His style is influenced by the greates guitar masters and by the fathers of the electric blues.

Since 1999 he’s played live and he’s made records, having the chance to share stage and studio with many famous and unknown artists that help him to shape his own way to make music.

A non-monogamy player who loves electric and acoustic guitars, classic tube amplifiers and new technologies of recording as well, as virtual instruments and plugins, that he often mixes with analog stuff.